Snap Touch Firmware Update


Works with all compatible Apple and Android mobile devices.

Please check your camera version before updating the firmware.

Please note: As the Snap Touch app is being retooled for iOS 11, some functions will be of limited use until late December 2017, when the entire app will be redesigned for the new iOS 11 feature set.

It’s time to update your Snap camera. Here’s how:

Step 1:

Check which version of the Snap Touch you currently have.

Warning: Use only the firmware version designed for your model camera. The use of any other firmware can cause permanent damage to the device.

Snap Touch 1.0 has the power button integrated into the pop-up flash:

Snap Touch 1.2 has the power button next to the pop-up flash:

Step 2:

Download and unzip the correct firmware for your camera

Step 3:

Make sure you have an SD card inserted into your Snap, and that your camera is turned on. Connect your camera to your computer.

Step 4:

When your camera appears on your desktop, save the downloaded file to your Snap.

Step 5:

Turn your camera off, then back on, to restart and begin the update.

Step 6:

While your firmware updates, the LED lights will turn red for 30 seconds.

Step 7:

Your Snap will beep to let you know the update is complete …

Step 8:

… and then it will power off.

Step 9:

Turn on your camera, reconnect your camera to your mobile device via bluetooth and start printing.